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The name slot machine - is from the American English, which can be simply explained as a machine with three or more reels that spin when a lever or button is pushed. The idea of the lever is from the traditional origin of the slot machine, where a lever is been pulled manually to spin the reels of the machine; while after some years and stages of development it was modified to a button controlled machine.

The term slot machine was derived from the Microgaming slots on the machine through which coins are inserted and retrieved. Some refer to it as fruit machine which originated from the traditional slot machines with fruit images on the spinning reels, such as oranges, lemons and cherries.

Resulting from the development of technology in general, this have also affected the gaming world, making the free slot machines possible to be played on computers and video games, Thus making it easier free Microgaming slots play online. for the first timers on casino, slots games are usually the starting point. It is actually not difficult to learn and it has the potential of paying out large cash amounts. They have become popular with occasional players of casino game for these reasons.

Moreover there are various kinds of Microgaming slots to choose from in recent time. These choices include five reel video slots or classic slots. Playing slots has become a bit more complicated nowadays, but with the basic knowledge for each type of slot machine you have nothing to worry about.

The classic Microgaming slots are available both in landed casinos and online casinos. They consist of three reels and a pay line, which makes it the simplest form, compared to other slots games. There is obviously great difference between offline and online Microgaming slots but the major point to note in offline slots is how money is been retrieved. This is usually done with tickets, which you will collect from the machine and at the end of your game or whenever you are ready to cash out; you take these tickets to the cashier which will pay you the cash equivalent of your ticket value.

Whereas the classic slot is quite simpler. When the reels are spun they will stop on a pay line. In this slot a single pay line slots is the center line. Thus whichever symbol that appears on the pay line determines your jackpot, if there is any.

The wining schedule can be viewed on the machine so you can easily see the combination that wins from the least wining to the biggest jackpots.

The same principle applies to 5 reel or more slots and multiple pay line wins. Example of this type of game includes monopoly slots and Cleopatra as well as recently developed games such as lord of the rings and wizard of oz. where you can get twenty or more pay lines in multi reel slots. The major point to understand is how many coins are needed to unlock every pay line.

Usually the pay lines are highlighted as you choose them to make them easy to read. When a spin is made and the correct symbols land on the pay lines which you activated then this is a jackpot for you.

Microgaming slots playing basics are easy; no matter the number of reels and pay lines as long as you get to the top winning combination, you receive a jackpot. The major difference is that the more your reels and pay lines the more your chances of winning.