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The all-encompassing uncertainty of the universe has attracted all mankind to itself from time immemorial. What is hidden in space? What living things can live there? From what matter is space and time woven? The space slot machine Flux, unfortunately, does not provide answers to these questions, but with it, you can get a lot of fun and really nice time. Themes Flux from the endlessly original company Thunderkick is not at all modest! The plot of the game captures the notion of infinity, the intangible truth of the universe. Other slot machines, compared to the amazing Flux, seem so down-to-earth and every day to the core. It's really difficult to imagine how humanity did without the Flux video slot because it contains a whole universe! 

The Flux slot machine design

The developers of the device decided to move away from the usual topics devoted to gemstones (the most famous representative of which is the Just Jewels gaming machine) and created something extraordinary. Abstract symbols and impeccable deep background, the beauty of the faces of polygonal crystals and amazing radiance decoration worthy of all praise! At first glance, it is a very minimalistic game, but for the first time it is necessary to bring the drums into motion, and immediately it is clear that behind the small lies the great and unshakable. Graphics are not at a beyond the level of quality, but more is not necessary for this game. The atmosphere of the greatness of the clusters of galaxies is already very well felt in the slot machine Flux. The symbols are represented either by brightly colored gems or by complex crystals: many faces, lots of radiance, a lot of winnings! A very clear and understandable game interface is available to players of any experience with gambling machines. Separately it is necessary to say about the divine sound design: the musical background breaks into a tear of delight before the scale of the universe, and the sound of rotation and stopping of drums is similar to the admission of a person into the compartment of a giant intergalactic station. The unique and charming Flux video slot from Thunderkick looks amazing. 

The Flux slot interface

Thunderkick has deprived its Flux gaming machine of unnecessary and unnecessary buttons, so it's easy to manage the game's functionality, it's extremely intuitive. 

To start the game process, you need to set the bet value to one line (the machine itself recounts the bet amount taking into account all 15 lines). The bet is a fixed number, that is, the machine offers the player to choose a bet, in the amount of 0.10-100.00 coins. 

Description of the game process

On the right is the button for starting the reels: rows of symbols-crystals start to move from the top down. The start button developers gave a very interesting feature. It can stop the rotation of the reels until the moment the gaming machine stops them. This means that a player can rely on his fortune even more because it is he who can decide when it's time for crystal symbols to stop. 

3 bonus symbols B give a start to the bonus game. Although the machine does not have a separate round or a window with a bonus game, free spins as a bonus will even go down, the more bonus reels of drums are not simple, but have their own chips! Each of the three types of the bonus game in the form of these bonus spins has its interesting features of a half-count combination and payouts to the player's virtual account of the coins won. The bet during free spins remains the one on which the bonus game was received. Also, the stake in the bonus game will not be debited from the player's balance (rotation at the expense of the machine, so to speak). The number of bonus rotations is directly dependent on the number of bonus functions on the screen: the combination of symbols on both sides (ie not only from left to right, but also from right to left), three bonus character series, well, or both bonus functions combined. 

Flux is pleased with its automatism: the developers have presented this machine with a standard automatic game. The automatic game settings are the number of revolutions made by the machine. The automatic game can be stopped absolutely at any moment. 

The information block of the game is under the drums. Here, the player learns about his gambling account, received just a win and about the amount of his bet on one line. The detailed rules, the form of lines, multipliers and similar information are stored in a button, which is on the bottom left a square of small circles. 

Automatic slot machine summary

Recognizable players video slot Flux surprises the imagination of its developers Thunderkick. It can not be said that the subject of this machine is unique because for a long time already on the game scene such abstract-space games are represented. Nevertheless, the Flux slot machine is qualitatively different in its kind with high-quality animation, music and sound design, as well as free rotating drums with really unique functions. The game will enjoy the flow of everyone who likes originality and mystery, although from the classics this game has departed only visually, and some small functions, such as stopping the player spinning the drums during the main game.

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