The legality of gambling

All sites work absolutely legally, no one will chase you for registering on the online casino site. If the site does not load, you are free to use other available methods - site mirrors, VPN modems, and so on. Wherever you are - Cratos casions, Paphos casinos, Limassol casinos will be equally accessible and reckless.

Northern Cyprus

Nicosia is also ready to offer its guests this kind of entertainment, you can even play the casino offline. But the list of online casinos here is very, very limited due to legal restrictions and the special status of the territory. Keep this in mind when planning your holiday in North Cyprus.

National Betting Agency (NBA)

Cyprus has established a separate agency to monitor fair play compliance in casinos and bookmakers. It should also issue licenses, but in fact only 9 of them were issued, and the process stopped there. But officially Cyprus is now a regulated platform, which gives access to the international game. As elsewhere, there are age restrictions - persons under the age of 18 cannot play.

The most popular gambling games

Fans of online games in Cyprus prefer games that can be conditionally divided into two large groups:

  1. Classic casino games. Of course, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette are popular - including those with live dealer support, Blackjack, slots and others.
  2. Entertaining games typical for Cyprus as a resort island - light, gambling. These are Durga, Fairy Tail, Fa Kai Shen, Tycoons, Aztec Treasures, Colossal Gems and so on.

Slot machines are also popular, as in other countries, but the specificity of the island is still reflected in the themes of the most popular ones - you can notice an increased interest in machines with the theme of Greek gods, treasures, and ancient history. Although devices such as Thunderstruck II and Starburst do not lose their popularity among Cypriots and visitors to the island.


As elsewhere, online casinos in Cyprus are happy to offer bonuses to their visitors. When choosing a platform to play, you can also compare their incentive programs and choose the one that suits you best.

Types of bonuses:

Welcome - registration bonuses. They can be in a fixed amount, in percentages from the first deposit, in free spins. Choose what attracts you more.
replenishment of the deposit - many platforms encourage you to replenish the deposit regularly, paying bonuses for each deposit. Bonus types can also vary. 
event bonuses - according to the platform's program, you can be rewarded for achieving a certain amount of winnings, for the number of replenishments, for the number of games in which you took part and for other reasons. Agree, it's always nice to be a winner, regardless of the outcome of the game.

Mobile gambling

Almost all large and popular platforms offer mobile versions for playing in Cyprus. You can play using any model of your smartphone, the operating system of which supports the minimum requirements of an online casino. Almost all mobile versions provide the same list of pleasures as the classic version of the online platform.


You can pay the deposit in any way convenient for you. All credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are accepted without fail. But it is still recommended to use electronic means of payment as safer and faster. So you are guaranteed to receive all the money sent in full and as quickly as possible. Before choosing a means of payment, familiarize yourself with the tariffs and fees.

Responsible gaming

As elsewhere in the world, online casino players in Cyprus are asked to adhere to the rules of responsible gambling. Each player must be over 18 years of age, not use prohibited gambling techniques and not try to circumvent the rules and requirements adopted on the online platform. A player who is seen cheating will be disqualified and banned indefinitely. Do not subject yourself to fines, play according to the principles of Fair Play.

The choice of casinos where you can play while in Cyprus is quite large. Relax, play, have fun and win. Have a nice holiday!