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Microgaming's european Blackjack gold is one of the best blackjack Slot Machine available today. The customizable expert game mode is a unique side of the game and cannot be found in another similar project. The main object of that game is to make a hand value, closer to 21 points, than the dealer is, without going over.

Design of slot-machine

The design of these slot machines is chosen very well. The game has good graphics and smoothes nice animations. Excellent combination of various design elements and well-matched colors of gaming table look good and nice to the eye. The main plot is in the realism of game process. You feel it like a real blackjack, and it's undoubtedly good way to attract players.

Sound effects and music

As mentioned earlier, this slot machine is trying to give the real gaming experience for players, so it has ambient sounds that imitating the real casino and very good calm music in the background. Croupier's voice is good enough and does not irritate. Another plus of this slot machine.

Scatter of cards, symbols and else

A typical design, nothing new and extraordinary. The good classic that like all players. Nothing more.

Differences of game for free and for real money

Well, it's obvious. Playing for free, you does not have any risks and you can learn all subtleties, tactics, and nuances of the game. It is a good training before the real playing for money and extremely recommended for new players.

Some tips for new players

Blackjack is a game, that makes use strategy 50/50 with luck, and this slot machine is very generous to you. You have access to the strategy chart at any time during the game. When you need help in making different decisions about when to hold, double or split, just check this. It must help new people in Blackjack and give him a better understanding of the game.

Some words about developer of European Blackjack Gold

"Microgaming" is a successful studio, which is famous for its slot machines and online casinos. The most playable virtual slot machines are made by them, which tells about their total success in this industry. They are working in right way.

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