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May 8, 2013

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Pai Gow is a unique and exciting version of poker developed by Betsoft. It was released on May 8, 2013, and has become one of the most popular variants of poker in the gaming industry. Played with a 53-card deck, Pai Gow features an RTP of 97.27%, making it an incredibly profitable game if played correctly. The goal of Pai Gow is to split your 7-card hand into two separate poker hands - one 5-card hand and one 2-card hand - with the intent that both hands will beat the dealer’s.

The ranking of hands follows traditional poker rules, but players have the choice of splitting their hands as they wish. Like in traditional poker, Pai Gow offers bonuses for certain hands. The highest paying bonus is for five Aces, followed by a Straight Flush, Four of a Kind and Full House bonuses. Other bonuses for stronger hands can be earned as well, helping to add to the thrill of.

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