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In the free Multi-Hand Blackjack games, the player has a number of additional features such as double foldand split. When a player has two cards, you can double your bet. In this case, you can only double the bet made at the beginning of the blackjack's game. Some casinos permit duplication only in those cases where the amount is 9-11 attachment points. After doubling the bet, the player receives a card, regardless of its nominal value.

Upon dealing a player two cards of the same rank, like two ninesor ten points (Q and J), you can split them into two hands. To do this, the player must double the original bet. After separation, each separated by a card becomes the basis of two new hands. The dealer deals a second card to the player in the first half, after which they continue to play as usual, just after the end of the first games in hand the second game, can immediately start. In case of after the separation of cards the player with the ace card sums up ten points, this combination is not considered a Multi-Hand Blackjack, but it’s just the sum of the letters of 21 points.

Play Blackjack Gold games and try splitting or doubling but ifsplitting occur with the distribution of a player from a pair of aces, then the dealer deals only one card for them, regardless of merit and qualification. In general, the maximum number of divisions is defined by the rules of the establishment of free gambling.

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