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Play Euro Blackjack in online casino game website Star Gambling that we are offering to our players all for free. But to start with, is a brief introduction to the Euro blackjack online games. The Euro Blackjack is one of the most popular games of cards, not online in physical casino but in casino on the internet also. The origination of Euro Blackjack can be traced back to as far as XVIII century with the French. The playing of cards was all over Europe territories, and most common among the royal blood line. The prints on the cards were done by hand making all countries to have their own different cards and different illustrations on thedeck. That is where the general themes shown on cards till date came from and these characters include hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs.

With time the cards completely changed their appearance. The Europeans depicted the maps of the royal family as a sign of devotion and respect. Which has spanned till now giving us the images we see on cards till late which are the king, queen and prince and it is called a jack.

History has it that Euro Blackjack was not in existence till the xvii century. During the tenure of the French gambling saloons there was this great passion which was called Vingt et Un meaning twenty one in English and numeric as 21. However the meaning may be translated the game Vingt en Un had similar rules with the modern Euro Blackjack onlne version just that in the Vingt en Un the dealer can perform a double down.
The modern version of the game is very different from its predecessors. The basic rules remain unchanged and this is that the winner is the one who beat the dealer by acquiring the number of points which must not exceed 21.

But after the start of mathematics application in Euro Blackjack in order to minimize the “card counting”, the owners of the casino had to complicate the game. On the territory of the CIS (common wealth of independent states) countries Euro Blackjack often called “21″ or a game of “points.” The name is connected with a number of points that determines the winning.

There are two most popular varieties of Euro Blackjack which include the classic version, which is played using six standard decks of cards and native option, which uses a 52-card deck. We offer you the top casino online to play Euro Blackjack and slots online for free and the opportunity to train for free. Control of honesty, excellent system of bonuses and simple methods of operation is what every fan will appreciate and these are what we have capitalized on with other special packages such as virtual gambling, bonuses and tournaments.

The Euro Blackjackis a true gaming legend! This is a card game in which you play against the dealer.With the goal of getting more points than the dealer but this point must not exceed 21. In the game of 6 decks standards, each of which contains 52 maps, from the deuces to the ace. All the decks present in a shoe is 312 cards, and that is what is required to play this game.

Before dealing the deck is shuffled and before game starts the players must select a room in which they will play and these includes standard or VIP rooms which are available either in landed casino or playing Euro Blackjack online from online casinos. The rooms vary in size and the amount for minimum and maximum bets. After selecting a room the players choose the hall table which includes the private or public table. For the private you can play with just one player whereas on the public table can contain from 1 to 5 players at the same time.

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