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3D Roulette is one of the most prestige choices around in roulette gaming, based on the traditional European Roulette game, and is available now at Star Gambling.

3D Roulette by Playtech has a wheel of numbered pockets ranging from 0 to 36, which are placed randomly around the roulette wheel. From these numbers, players will place bets on either numbers of different colours on the single zero wheel and try to predict where land on the wheel after each spin.

The features of 3D Roulette online that make it a class above the rest is that if you receive the same number five times in succession, you will then win the progressive jackpot.

A side bet is a compulsory bet fixed at one credit that is placed by default when you enter the game. A side bet makes you eligible for additional payouts, one of which is the progressive jackpot on offer. The side bet amount is added to the original bet amount and displayed.

3D Roulette Payout Schedule

Winning bets in European 3D Roulette pay out as follows:

Bet Name Odds
Straight Up bet 35:1
Split bet 17:1
Street bet 11:1
Square bet 8:1
Line bet 5:1
Column bet 2:1
Dozen bet 2:1
Even-Money bet 1:1


If you bet one coin on a Straight Up bet, and your selected number comes up, you are paid 36 coins. The odds on a Straight Up bet are 35:1. So, 1 coin bet + 35 coins won = 36 coins payout.

If you bet 10 credits on a Dozen bet, and your selected number comes up, you are paid 30 credits. The odds on a Dozen bet are 2:1. So, your total win amount is 20 credits won + 10 credits = 30 credits.


Bet: 10 credits
Win: Two times your original bet amount, plus your original bet.
Calculation: 2 / 1 = 2 x 10 original bet credits = 20 credits + 10 original bet credits = 30 credits

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