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Big Bets At The No Limit Roulette Table

Since its inception into gambling life back in the 1700s, the no limit roulette wheel has attracted lots of folks who enjoy the fast-paced action, spinning colours, and of course the chance to strike it rich with the careful placement of a chip. Since the no limit roulette wheel is really a game of numbers, the game also attracts its share of players who think they can figure out a way to work with the mathematical concepts and make big time money at the wheel. Throughout time, there has been many a famous wager placed at the high limit roulette wheel. Visit our casino ranking to find out more.

Jaggers, a British man, hired six people to go to Monte Carlo and look for oddities in the roulette online free no limit. They did so and reported that one wheel had a tendency to land on a certain number more times than the others did. Jaggers played his bets using this idea and won (according to differing reports) somewhere between $325,000 and $450,000. Can you imagine the buying power of that kind of money back in the 1800s?

Just a few years ago, the newspapers were abuzz over Ashley Revell’s trip to Las Vegas. It was reported that he sold everything he owned and took the entire sum of money $135,000 and placed the whole amount on a double-or nothing “red” bet. Lucky for him, the ball landed on a red, and he walked out of the online casino no limit roulette worth twice as much as when he went in.

In The Sting, a movie from the 1970s, Robert Redford’s character decides to play no limit roulette for money, he bets all his money that he got from a scam and loses because the wheel is rigged. Also In the 1970’s, some lucky university students from California were triumphant in winning $10000 using a device they had made.

Charles Wells, a shady character from London, headed to Monte Carlo to try his hand at the no limit roulette tables. It is reported that he “broke the bank” each time he played, at each table, over the course of several days. At first, he claimed to have a system that allowed him to win, probably hoping to swindle some people out of their money by trying to sell it to them. Later on, though, he claimed it was just luck.

Kathy Jenkins, of the United States packed her bags and flew across the country to Las Vegas, a.k.a. Sin City. She brought with her only $200 to gamble with and decided to give the old no limit roulette wheel a spin. At a table with a low minimum, she played for about an hour, winning each time, and increasing her bet each time she won. She walked out of that online casino high limit roulette with $20,000 and paid off her car loan when she got home.

High Limit Roulette Odds

Just like every other betting game there are odds involved. High Limit Roulette odds can be worked out as a percentage fairly easily. The European High Limit Roulette wheel has 18 red pockets and 18 black pockets. There is also one green zero pocket making a total of 37 slots for the ball to land in. The green zero pocket is how the casinos get the edge, unless you specifically bet on the zero it is not covered by any of the other bets. Most of the live online roulette sites only have the European version giving you the best odds of winning the High Limit Roulette game.

High Limit Roulette odds and winning chance percentage chart for a European wheel

  Winning Chance Percentage Casino Payout Odds
Single Number 1/37 x 100 = 2.702 % 35 to 1
Splitting two numbers 2/37 x 100 = 5.405 % 17 to 1
Street covering three numbers 3/37 x 100 = 8.108% 11 to 1
Four Number square 4/37 x 100 = 10.81% 8 to 1
Six Number line 6/37 x 100 = 16.21% 5 to 1
Dozen or Column Bet 12/37 x 100 = 32.432% 2 to 1
Odd or Even 18/37 x 100 = 48.648% 1 to 1
High (19-36) or Low (1-18) 18/37 x 100 = 48.648% 1 to 1
Red or Black 18/37 x 100 = 48.648% 1 to 1

As you can see you with nearly a 50 / 50 chance at 1 to 1 the house edge has lowered a 50% chance to a 48.648%. If you were playing on an American wheel the High Limit Roulette odds are different once again. With two zeros making 38 pockets a player only has a 47.368%, for this reason its best to pick a European table to play on. High Limit Roulette odds are always fixed, this means they are the same in all casinos around the world on both types of wheel.

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