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Bermuda Triangle

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The mystery of Bermuda Triangle excites minds of millions. Ships, planes, people vanish when getting to the area of these islands. Bermuda Triangle Playtech slot machines for the online casino will unveil some secrets of this mysterious place and let you also winning much money! Are you ready taking risks being involved into dangerous adventures? Make a casino review, try first these slot machines free and only then – gamble!

Bermuda Triangle slot design and gameplay

Spinning, you bet and win here prizes according to the symbols combinations. These slot machines design might seem to a very experienced gambler too simple and not as bright as it can be. Meanwhile, the main thing that adds this game popularity is a variety of prizes and free spins. Unlike most slots, Bermuda Triangle slot for the online casino has only 3 reels and 5 paylines placed at on deep navy background simulating deep waters and blue sky. You do not hear brave music – spinning, you can listen to some mystical sounds and get images of Ships, Planes, Sharks, Dolphins, Octopus.

Bermuda Triangle symbols and payments

Playtech has surprised slots fans with this game's simplicity. Besides three reels only, here you will not find Scatter and Wild symbols! However, in casinos with rating 9 and over this slot still remains popular. Jackpot here is static – 5,000 coins. The bet starts from 5 cents. The maximum game bet is equal to 25 Euro. You win and get money when getting the slot symbols’ combinations. For instance, a combination of 3 planes gives you 150 coins, while ships bring more – 3 Ships characters triggers you 100 coins! The images of 3 sharks on one of the 3 crossed lines give you 75 coins whereas any 3 creatures in one row add you 10 coins. The slot has also an autoplay regime. The simplicity of this game and absence of difficult rules can let even the beginning gambler starting earning good money.

Free slot machines and gambling

Playtech offers everybody who makes casino reviews and reads about casino rating play for free. The demo free game started before you play for real money helps you making your own decision whether you enjoy the slot and ready to gamble or just leave it playing the other Playtech slots and win large prizes.

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