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When you think about Full Moon Fortunes, what pictures your imagination drawing to you?! It is probably should be something mysterious, dangerous and full of dark magic. Developers, during the process of creating this slot machine, based their work on the associative side. It helps to create real atmosphere, which is able to give the player all the emotions and feeling which has a connection to the Full Moon Fortunes.

The design is made of dark colors with light accents on the moonlight. On the background, you can see a castle, which is far away from you. On the foreground, you can see a grave. It makes you concentrate attention because in every moment grave can unearth someone, who will bring danger.

In morning sunlight grave and all fear disappeared, but it doesn’t mean that it will never happen again… After some moments player understanding that sky becomes red and it means not appearing of the sun. It is blood red and new graves growing up from the earth.
There are 5 lines on the reel. All of them are full of mysterious letters and special symbols. They create to the slot machine embodiment of the plot.

The main hero is a werewolf. During all the gamble time, he will be close to you.

Sound and its role in success of free slot machines

Every online casino tries to create something special. If you will take a look at any casino rating, it is not hard to see that lead positions belong to such kind of slot machine, which has good sound support. In Full Moon, Fortunes developers create the sound line, which is able to make plot complete. On the background, we can hear werewolf and other mysterious sounds.

Symbols and features of the slot

On the reels, you can find many symbols. They are:

  • letters (card’s symbols);
  • werewolves;
  • paw prints;
  • jokers;
  • crowns, silver bullet and face of a hunter.

Their combinations bring you a win. It is a huge fortune to get werewolf.

Why developer is important

As you know, this game is a product of Playtech. This company always took high places in different casino reviews. It happens because of high quality and nonstandard decisions.

Money or just interest

If we talking about this game, it is able to play for free, but if you sure that you have enough knowledge and there are no barriers on the way, it is able to play for money.

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