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Do you remember what happened with heroes in the movie, which became the main theme of Jurassic park slot machine? They are going through the wild world, where every middle full of scary and dangerous. Those emotions became to be the base of the game’s design. Everything is made of dark colors because they able to express real scare. The background is black. When you act, it became to be full of other colors and graphic pictures, painted by the movie’s story. Today most of the online casino is not interested in the visual part, but this Jurassic park slot machine is evidence that it is real to find the stylish interpretation of popular stories.

Sound design

What do every of us expect from Jurassic park’s sound? Of course, it should be something emotional, full of culminations, extension and other musical methods of perception. This background, which used into the Jurassic park, has many differences from other slot machines in the same line. When your game comes to showing the result, developers endow it with many musical modulations. It creates presence effect and the gamer can feel by himself what is it like to be at the center of fighting with ancient dinosaurs.

Special symbols, combinations, and buttons

The main line directed to the heroes of the movie. They are:

  • - expedition group, which consist of few people;
  • - dinosaurs.

Combinations present on 5 reels. Most of them in a couple of each other makes picture comes alive (dinosaurs shows their character). Don't be scared if you will feel the earthquake – it is dinosaur’s friends cross the field.

On the boards upstairs and downstairs slot machines always shows all the information about credits, spins, and numbers of successful combinations. This game’s navigation is not an exception.

Developers and their point of view

This game appeared with the help of Microgaming. In a case of free slot machines, this developer shows the best results because their position based on high quality, which includes graphic and sound. It helps to take high places into different casino ratings. That’s why online casino, which uses Microgaming software doomed to success.

Variations of gamble

Most of the popular slot machines were made to play for fun, but today you can find games, which offer you to play for money. Popular casino review tells us, that real percent of risk is low if gamer already knows main rules. If you feel confident, slot machines can bring not only happiness – they can profit money.

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