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Everybody knows the phrases “I’ll be back” or “Hasta la vista baby”. Yes, Terminator franchise is a famous one which made a great impact on the entire generations. Now Microgaming presents you “Terminator 2” – a slot machine related to the classic sequel.

The plot of Terminator 2

Can you recall the plot of the film? T-1000 arrives in our time with one goal – find and kill John Connor. This boy is going to be the leader of people who will resist the machines during the war. To protect the guy people from the future send Terminator. And now the life of John and his mother Sarah becomes full of danger and fear.

The developers have done everything to restore the atmosphere of the film. You will be impressed by the quality of animation, the main music theme sounds perfect. But of course, it’s not the most important about Terminator 2. It’s worth mentioning that the slot offers you 243 ways to win – quite a great number! It also has 5 reels and some bonus features that we are going to discuss here.

Bonus features

First of all, let’s talk about the Free Spins feature. To activate it you only have to get one scatter symbol, but the more such symbols you have – the more free spins you get. The particularity of Terminator 2 consists of the T-1000 functionality available withing the feature. When the T-1000 symbol becomes a part of the winning combination, it can change into any other symbol and thus gives you an additional chance to win.

There is also the T-800 Vision feature. Once it’s activated, the scanner starts to scan all your symbols and in the case of appearing any high-end character symbols, you’ll get different cash bonuses.

We can’t say that this free slot machine is the best one from Microgaming, the company who became the household name in the world of casino software development. But it offers good chances to win and sometimes to get a really huge amount of dosh! The possibility of multiplying your stakes by up to 200 times sounds appealing? Then you have to try out Terminator 2. Besides, its simple gameplay is another advantage of the slot. But if you still want to verify how it works, you can use a demo version to play without money.

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