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Hunt for a pirate treasure cautiously hidden on a Treasure Island slot machine. The exciting original soundtrack of our online casino will immerse your consciousness in the romanticism of piracy. Sounds of ringing coins, flying cannonballs and clang of steel are all about a breathtaking adventure in the fascinating world of Microgaming free slot machines. The Corsair, sea rover of old times, has already loaded up all heavy guns and is awaiting your participation in Treasure Island slot machine!

The dangerous Pirate Girl has sharpened her knife, and the nasty alive skeleton is shaking his jaw! These extraordinary characters will accompany you in persuading luck to go straight your way.

Various ways to try your fortune

Multiple bit lines of our online casino slot machines diversify possible profitable outcomes into a large variety of payout combinations. The Treasure Island is one of the high-grade free slot machines, based on casino reviews. Activate Treasure Hunt mode by picking three or more Bonus Scatter symbols. This triggers a coin win or free spins win as well. Treasure Hunt is about choosing the right place to dig. They're five areas and only two shovels to use. In all five pits, there’s a coin win for you, but only one has a buried treasure in it. Digging reveals three chests; one of them contains enormous riches!

Join a wild pirate attack by collecting more than one Barrel Wild stamps. The one-eyed captain will shoot guns of his spine-chilling mighty ship several times to help you gather the best paying. Wild symbols, created by cannonball hit, increase the payout. If the captain, with a slight touch of luck, shoots TNT barrel, then more wild stamps appear. In The Treasure Island, one of the very popular slot machines, Barrel Wild and Exploded barrel stamps can form pay line with all symbols except Bonus Scatter stamps. Exploded barrel stamp is not an equivalent for Barrel Wild stamp.

Before performing free spins one get a chance to attempt a game of Island Hop Bonus. When a favorable wind occurs, some extra features become enabled, apart from extra spins and coin wins: Extra Wild stamps, Super Wild and Locking Barrel Explosions stamps.

Experience the proper pirate adventure with Microgaming software

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