The Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas categories

The Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas categories

Land-based operator of the year

Award Sponsor: IGT

This category looks to recognize the achievements of casino operators who have not only excelled in terms of financial performance but led the pack in terms of innovation and enhancement in the last 12 months. In many ways, land-based venues are considered to be the backbone of the global gaming industry, and this category rewards the company who has gone above and beyond to create the best possible customer experience.

Digital operator of the year

Award Sponsor: NetEnt

This award covers the entirety of the online sector, recognizing those companies which are driving forward the dynamic and rapidly-evolving online gaming industry. The company receiving this recognition, and indeed those nominated, will need to have achieved something truly special in the past year to make themselves stand out in what is a crowded and very competitive marketplace.

Land-based product of the year

Technology is one of the main differentiators in the modern-day casino offering, so it's no surprise that this category is one of the GGA's most varied. Any product can be nominated if it improves the experience of the player, or the ability to run the casino for the operator. It is not only limited to games either - the award is open to any piece of equipment, technology or feature that has played a part in enhancing the overall land-based casino experience.

Digital product of the year

Similar to its land-based counterpart, this award covers any feature or innovation that has improved its particular sector in the past 12 months. Nominees in this category can range from any vertical in the online space, not just games, whether it’s a payment or management system or a hardware development, nothing in the interactive space is discounted.

Land-based industry supplier of the year

This award acknowledges those who work behind the scenes, offering products and services that continually strive to meet the demands of the player. Whether you are a manufacturer, a supplier, or a provider, this category seeks to recognise the dedicated efforts of those who drive the brick-and-mortar casino and retail betting development Whether it's to develop, construct, or improve the games, terminals and other hardware that goes into making the modern day gambling experience as enjoyable as it is.

Digital industry supplier of the year

This category rewards the providers that the industry is relying on most to take digital gaming forward to the future. In an age where the digital space is growing and changing on a week-by-week basis, these are the suppliers that are the forces behind the evolution. This award praises the role that these companies play in providing operators with the tools to keep the gaming industry booming.

Customer loyalty program of the year

Often one of the most unrecognized areas in the gaming industry, the customer loyalty program has one of the biggest impacts on the player's relationship with the operator, in turn making it an essential part of any thriving business. This award acknowledges the gaming industry provider whose loyalty scheme is a truly rewarding one for its customers. It recognizes those firms whose commitments to putting customer rewards at the heart of their operation set them above others in the industry.

Property of the year

Award Sponsor: Scientific Games

A new addition to the GGAs Las Vegas, this award recognizes properties who continue to evolve and adapt to the needs of an ever-changing consumer base. Whether you are a world-renowned casino, a newly renovated property, or a casino that has just started to make its mark on the industry, there is one thing you all have in common, pushing the boundaries with the land-based casino experience. The land-based casino blackjack game industry would not exist without singular properties which deliver customer experiences that keep patrons coming back time after time.

Product innovation of the year

The gaming industry would come to a standstill if it were not for the companies that continue to take great strides in terms of innovation, giving the customers what they want before they even know themselves. This is another new addition to the GGAs this year and one of the few categories that combines both the land-based and digital sectors, making it one of the most prestigious awards to win. Recognising a changing industry, product trends and importantly adapting to those trends should be the bread and butter of any gaming industry company.

Slot of the year

For many casino patrons, slot-based games are the first aspect that springs to mind when thinking about their casino experience, having been a mainstay of the land-based sector for many decades now. This Award recognizes the slot games which has truly set itself apart from other games on the casino floor. This is the first time Slot of the Year has been included in the GGAs, with GI including this category because the slot industry deserves to be recognized on its own, solely for the value and importance this sector plays on the casino floor today.

Responsible business of the year

Award Sponsor: Microgaming

The principal quality of any great gaming firm, beyond producing the best products for its customers, should be to have a commitment to responsibility, beyond just being there for their customers. A culture of responsibility should be ingrained in the company DNA, covering all aspects of their business. This category seeks to recognize those firms who don't just fulfill that objective but go above and beyond in areas of responsibility.

Executive of the year

Award Sponsor: Betradar Executive of the Year is the only category in the awards that recognize the individual's efforts instead of the company as a whole.

It seeks to acknowledge and recognize one truly unique executive in the global gaming industry, who have successfully steered their respective company or organization on the path to greatness. It serves to pay tribute to those at the helm of the industry's biggest names, individuals whose efforts serve to drive the industry forward as a whole.

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