TOP five table game truths

TOP five table game truths

According to 80's pop act Tears for Fears, "everybody wants to rule the world." And, gamblers want to rule the world around their table game. The problem is that no matter how well you know the game and how well you play, sometimes you still lose. Of course, that's the point, or it wouldn't be gambling.

Truth Number One

There are five universal truths about gambling and the first one is that in even’ player's life there will come a time when you play poorly, the cards will thump you like a jackhammer, and you'll lose more than you can afford. That's when the light will suddenly sear through your eyes and burn into your brain that you are universally, perhaps even galacticallv screwed. Take heart; you’re not alone. It happens. The point is to learn from the experience, not repeat it.

Truth Number Two

The second truth is that sometimes even the best play will hurt. Still, you need to make the correct move, even when it's counterintuitive. Like betting more to lose less. When you have a pair of eights at blackjack, you should always split them. Why? Because a hard 16 is a terrible hand. It's even worse against a dealer up card of 9, 10 or ace than doubling your bet and splitting the eights. Need proof?

When you stand on that 16, you'll lose about $52 out of even’ $100 bet. When you split them, you'll still wind up losing against those high dealer cards, but on average you'll only lose about $43. So, choose to lose less by splitting.

Truth Number Three

When we lose, it's easy to blame the dealer, the cards, the cycle of the moon, or the other players in the game. The truth is simpler: we are all responsible for ourselves. It doesn't matter how strong the tides are from the pull of the moon; you make your own decisions. And, no matter how crazy that player is on third base, in the long run, you'll win and lose based on your play, not theirs.

Truth Number Four

Money management is nearly as important as playing ability. I know it's boring, but the fact is, if you don't manage your money, you won't have any to manage. Setting a gambling budget with the idea that you are likely to lose it is much more practical than setting that budget with the idea that you'll double your money and go home a winner every trip.

Sure, you might double up, but can you get out of the casino with your winnings? For most players, it's as tough to quit a winner as to quit a loser. You just get more chances when you are losing.

Truth Number Five

Chasing your losses is paramount to disaster. The best-known gambler's fallacy is that if something hasn't happened for a long time, or has happened less frequently than expected, it will happen more often, soon. In other words, if you've lost a lot of hands, you'll win a bunch real soon. Well, good luck with that! The truth is that even* hand is independent of the last. It doesn't matter whether you've won or lost ten in a row. The next hand is the boss; you'll have to wait for the outcome. Enjoy!

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