Can you trust Golden Star Casino?

Can you trust Golden Star Casino?

Golden Star Casino has been my go to casino for 2020 now (definitely a 5 star casino but my experience outlined in the Con section has changed my approach toward Golden Star Casino). It is reallllly good in many ways; and compared to the competition it, it cannot be matched. I've played on a lot of online casinos, and to me its like buying a new car you find the one you want after searching and it ticks all the boxes so you invest and hop on board. My con's are something I didn't encounter until 8 months into playing with them, and while yes it is frustrating, I still highly recommend anyone who partakes in online casinos to try/use Golden Star Casino.

During the current covid pandemic the chat hours did not change or reduce; because when you need help urgently and no one is there, it sucks alot! This is actually one factor that moved me from Bitstarz Casino to Golden Star Casino.

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