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Spanish Blackjack or Spanish 21 Blackjack is a casino classic game where usually several players compete against a croupier. Once an old pastime, Spanish 21 Blackjack Game has become a hallmark of gambling venues due to a simple ruleset and high odds. Thankfully, nowadays gamblers do not have to plan a trip to a land-based casino to enjoy Spanish Blackjack Game – online sites offer countless Spanish Blackjack simulators, Spanish Blackjack online and thousands of other joyful things. Play Spanish Blackjack online is really easy. Spanish Blackjack card game, though, comes in a plenty of variations and is not that simple.


Spanish 21 Blackjack online game has a large family of similar layouts. If you know how to play Spanish Blackjack in an original representation, you might get interested in variations to diversify the action. Most famous ones are:

  • Double Exposure;
  • Double Attack;
  • Spanish 21;
  • Vegas Style (21-Century);
  • Switch.

Basic rules

Depending on online casino Spanish Blackjack you play, there may be diametrically different Spanish Blackjack rules. Classic casino Spanish Blackjack is always tied to two cards. The objective is to gather 21 or closely to that. Aces usually give 11 points, number cards are counted respectively, picture cards are denominated as 10. Best online Spanish Blackjack to learn the ropes is classic 21. You can play Spanish Blackjack differently, though.


Spanish Blackjack betting is a matter of art as well as Spanish Blackjack strategy. There are various methods to beat the dealer out. If you want to be actually good at the game, then you have to read a couple of books about Spanish Blackjack odds and Spanish blackjack betting strategy. However, Spanish Blackjack online game might not follow paths and patterns because of digital randomness.

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