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Beating Roulette Odds

There are hundreds of “experts”, who claim that they can “beat” the odds. Ultimately it is up to fate, but here are a few of well known roulette “systems”:

Martingale System

There are a lot of Roulette systems, but Martingale system is considered to be the most extreme one. Nearly every beginner finds this system really very exciting and useful. The system appeared in the 20th century. It was P. Levy who invented it. He was very interested in analysing gambling paradoxes and features. His results were then expanded by another mathematician whose name was Doob. Let's see the most famous variation of Martingale. It is doubling of a wager after every loss in even money game. If the player wins he has to make an initial bet again. But the only drawback is that there is a house maximum bet that can’t be exceeded. It means that the player has a certain number of rounds available.

With the Martingale system you can’t lose, because you cover your losses. You double your bet after each loss e.g. if you bet 1 credit on red and black comes up, you then bet 2 credits on red and so on until red comes up.

Positive Progression System

This system works in the same way as the above system, except that you increase your bet when you win rather than when you lose.


This system involves recording numbers on paper and wagering on the first and last of numbers on the paper. Upon winning, you cross them off and bet the next two outside numbers. If you lose you put the offending number at the end of the list.

At the end of the day, your best bet is to play to a budget and enjoy yourself!

Great odds – Online casinos like Platinum Play offer wonderful bonuses, which will increase your chances of winning!

Rule the table – It’s your chips, and your chips alone on the table, which will help you to think much more clearly about your betting strategies.

Expert Help – Online roulette offers you the use of cutting edge technology to customize your play, view gaming info, statistics etc.

Space, time and comfort – no one will push you to make your bets quickly, you can read up on rules, and you will always find a seat at the table in your own home!

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