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Upgraded Electronic Roulette Wheel

NetEnt is proud to introduce Electronic Roulette, the upgraded version of the online electronic roulette machine on offer.

Electronic Roulette has numbered pockets in random order, ranging from 0 to 36. By placing a bet on a particular number, it is the players attempt to determine where the ball will land after each spin. If the ball lands on the number or colour of your choice, you win!

A single Zero wheel, players have a greater chance of winning than on a double zero wheel. What makes this roulette game more amazing is that with the sophistication and slick look of the wheel, the graphics are like nothing players have seen before in online casino gaming. With the sound quality, interactive chip technology and ball animation, players are bound to enjoy hours of gaming fun!

With more choice of player controls and assists, placing a bet on the correct number has never been this easy. Whether it be on fun mode or real money play, the player has many options for control buttons, such as Call Bets, Auto Play, Redo, and Undo, which are all sized and positioned for maximum convenience.

The unique feature of the Electronic Roulette is that regular bets and call bets can be placed. To play neighbor bets, click the required number on the Bets Track.

Familiarize yourself with the basic rules and strategies of roulette before diving into a live dealer game to boost your confidence and chances of winning.

Electronic Roulette Game Features

Play Area

Displays the table layout and Electronic Roulette wheel.
Winning Number Display: Displays recent winning numbers. All results are color-coded. Red represents a Red number on the table, yellow represents a Black number on the table and green represents the 0.


The Dauber is an object that marks the winning number on the table.

Electronic Roulette Online Controls

  • Spin and Stop buttons: The Spin button starts a game of European Electronic Roulette. The Spin button is only available if you have placed at least one bet on the table. The Stop button automatically stops the current AutoPlay session. If the game is in mid spin, the spin is completed and then the session stops. This is a dual function button, if the Spin button is displayed the AutoPlay feature is currently disabled. If the Stop button is displayed the AutoPlay feature is currently enabled.
  • Repeat button: Used to restore the betting state of the table to what it was before the previous spin.
  • Clear button: Used to remove all bets from the table.
  • Undo button: Used to remove all changes made to the table since the last bet.
  • Redo button: Used to reverse the last Undo action.
  • Increase (+) and Decrease (-) buttons: Used to change the chip size you want to bet.

Electronic Roulette Wheel Common Controls

  • Games button: Closes the game you are currently playing and opens the Casino Lobby.
  • Help button: Opens the help file for the game you are currently playing. The help file can be opened during a game, but does not open if a dialog box is open. You can open the help file first and then the dialog box.
  • Options button: Opens the game Options dialog box. For more information, see the Game Options section.
  • Stats button: Opens the Statistics dialog box for the game you are currently playing. The statistics reset to zero when you exit the Game. For more information, see the Game Statistics section.
  • Bank button: Opens the Banking system.
  • Expert Mode button: Switches to Expert Mode when the game is in Regular Mode.
  • Regular button: Switches to Regular Mode when the game is in Expert Mode.

Screen Features

  • Information Bar: Displays information about the current game. For example, how many credits you won. The information bar is situated at the top of the Casino screen.
  • Coverage box: Displays how much coverage your bet or bets have on the table. This is displayed as a percentage.
  • Credit box: Displays your current credit balance.
  • Bet box: Displays your total bet amount. This is automatically deducted from your credit balance, when you click the Spin button.
  • Win box: Displays the total amount of credits paid for all wins in a game session.

Expert Mode Features

  • Autoplay button: Opens the AutoPlay Settings dialog box. Clicking the Start AutoPlay button on the AutoPlay Settings dialog box starts your AutoPlay session. For more information, see the AutoPlay section.
  • Neighbor button: Places bets on the numbers next to a Straight Up bet. Neighbor bets are allocated as the numbers appear on the Electronic Roulette wheel and not as they appear on the table. The Neighbor button is only active when a single Straight Up bet is placed on the table.
  • Edit Layouts button: Opens the Bet Layout screen.For more information about creating Bet Layouts see the Customizable Bet Layouts section.
  • Use Layout buttons: Places a specific customized Bet Layouts to the table. For more information about creating Bet Layouts see the Customizable Bet Layouts section.
  • Spins box: Displays the number of AutoPlay spins currently in play.
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