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The Basic No Deposit Roulette Rules

Every game has its rules and in spite of being a fun game, no deposit roulette by Playson has its own too! But, these roulette rules are not very rigid – just plain, simple and easy to understand. Basically, online roulette with no deposit is a game for everyone, not just for the educated and elite.

Free roulette no deposit developed by Playson is same as traditional roulette, with the difference that you play it from the confines of your living room on a computer. There is the real casino-certified wheel, which is broadcast right into your computer over the internet with a live dealer for company and real online players. So, the rules of land-based roulette hold well for free roulette no deposit, unless there are some discrepancies on a particular website. To insure yourself against unexpected rules, it is better to go through the rules and regulations of your online roulette site. It is possible that you get some extra roulette rules.

What about live roulette without deposit?

In Live online roulette with no deposit, there is a roulette wheel, which has numbered slots on its circumference, that can be rotated and there is slanting space around its periphery for rolling a small ball. The dealer or croupier rotates the wheel in one direction and rolls the ball in the other. Before that, he gives time to the players to guess in which area or on which number the ball will land and put money on the guess – this is called a bet. After sometime, the rotation of wheel and the ball slowly stops and the ball slides into a slot. Now if your guess turns out to be correct, you get the payout associated with your bet, otherwise you lose the wager.

Roulette rules state that the bets are fixed odds, this means they do not change no matter which site you are playing on. The payouts in online roulette with real money depend on the type of bet you are putting. In straight bets i.e. where you put your money on a single number, the payouts are huge 35 to 1, which means that if you bet $10 on a number, say 5 and the ball comes to rest on number 5, then you get paid 35 times 5 i.e. $175. The payouts are directly proportional to the difficulty in winning a bet. In split bet (two numbers), the payouts are 17:1, in street bet (three numbers), they are 11:1, in square bet (4), 8:1; in line bet, 5:1; in column and dozen bets, 2:1 and in even money bet the payout is 1:1.

There are two kinds of roulette tables: European and American. In both these tables, the wheels have slots numbered 1 to 36 and there is a ‘0’, but in American wheel there is an extra double 0 (’00’) slot. All these slots are alternately colored in red and black and are not in sequential order. Due to the extra slot in American roulette, the player’s odds of winning on it are slightly less than the European one. So, players generally choose the European version, the roulette rules are just the same.

Roulette with free spins is a game of chance and its most important rule in roulette is to play it for the excitement it offers and not just to improve your economic condition. Put only as much money in it as you can afford to lose, and never make it an addiction.

Please Note: This article only contains guidelines, and although most are accurate for individual roulette rules please see the site you are playing at.

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