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In order to become a regular winner at rust online roulette, it is crucial to learn different types of bets. Rust roulette betting consists of a large variety of bets, this makes roulette a very enjoyable game. Rust Roulette offers a plethora of options in betting, unlike other common games in casinos such as black jack. At first glance, these large varieties of bets make roulette betting intimidating. However, once a player understands how a bet works, it becomes very simple. Live online roulette betting can be classified into two major categories, outside bets and inside bets.

Inside Bets

This is the 1st major type of bet in rust roulette. These roulette bets consist of combinations of numbers or specific numbers on the video roulette table’s inner part. The different types of inside bets are as follows:

Straight Bets: The bet is placed on one single number. The player places his chip on the number he wishes to bet on. Any number, including 0 and 00, can be bet, if the single number bet hits on the electronic roulette wheel one is paid a 35:1. People take maximum interest in this kind of bet because of its high payout.

Basket Bets: This type of bet covers only five different numbers 00, 0, 1, 2& 3. While making this bet, the chip is placed at the intersection of 0 & 1, on the corner. This bet pays 6:1 on one’s money. This is considered to be the worst type of bets; players usually stay away from it.

Corner Bets: These are a combination bets, players are allowed to place bet on any adjoining 4 numbers betting, at their intersection. These are also called quad bets and square bets, since the bet is placed in the middle of a square. The played is paid a payout of 8:1The payout is 8:1.

Street Bets: Here one can be on three different numbers at a time. Bets can be made at several areas of the layout. The chip is placed on outside of the row of the numbers one bets on. This bet on winning pays 11:1.

Split Bets: In this two different numbers are chosen in a single bet. The bet can be placed on two vertical numbers or two horizontal numbers, but the two numbers must touch. On hitting either of the numbers one gets paid 17:1.

Dozens: Bet on any of the 3 dozens covering 12 numbers each; 1-12 is first dozen, 13-24 is second dozen & 25-36 the last dozen, 2:1 is paid on winning.

Columns: Each column bet cover 12 numbers and you can pick from 3 rows, the first, second or third column. The winner gets a payout of2:1.

Outside Bets

It includes all those bets that are placed outside the automatic roulette table, with no winning bets for 00 & 0. The different types of outside bets are as follows:

Red or Black Bets: Here one bets on the color of the number i.e. Red or Black. 1:1 is paid on winning.

Even or Odd Bets: One bets whether the number hit will be an odd or an even number, here also one is paid 1:1.

Low or High Bets: In this one tries to guess the value of hit number to be high (19 to36) or low (1 to 18), the winner gets payout of1:1.

These bets offer the player a healthy chance of survival in the game, with their different odds and make the game of rust roulette more interesting and fun.

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