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What can you imagine, when you think about Playboy? Of course, it is a man with a fabulous sexual life, full of joy and beautiful girls. Developers and graphic designers decided to create a slot machine, on the base of this theme. Back part is full of violet and pink colors, which creates a real atmosphere of passion. Down to the picture colors going to the red - a symbol of excitation. All frames made of wooden black and silver lines, which makes a full picture looks complete. Such kind of Playboy slot machines unit sex and play – it is also win-win.

Sound solutions

It was important to create sound support because the sexual context is impossible without it. As you can see, reels full of sexy girls, which must appear by the passion sound’s background. All steps and actions became complete with the help of such kind support. It makes able to understand the result of a gamble without the visual part (it is necessary because sometimes attention can be diverted). Every online casino already makes sound part special and microgaming is not an exception.

How to play and some words about symbols

There are 5 reels on the board of Playboy slot. In most popular Casino Rating this game took a high place, because it’s navigation is rather simple, and the main buttons and combinations make winning so much close.

Reel’s combinations consist of:

  • girls;
  • pairs;
  • letters (card’s letters, which means king, queen etc.);
  • numbers;
  • playboy symbols (it is a kind of jackpot).

MICROGAMING as the developer

Today situation in the area of free slot machines online casino is very simple – there are only two ways. First of them is creating simple programs without support, with the only one idea – to make money. Such kind of developers is not popular and it is not safe to use their software. Microgaming presents high-class software because their name is too popular to disappoint users.

Money or joy

As you know, all slot machines offer to taste your luck. It includes playing for money. In a case of playboy situation is the same. This game is the best way to get money from your joy because at the first time you can play for joy, and after your learned everything, you can try to play for money.

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    Perfect slot machine! Really cool!
    Rated: 4 / 5 stars
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