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Thunderkick is invited to visit the resort with Sunset Delight, relax on the coast and enjoy not only the pleasant atmosphere of a Friday evening, but also to treat yourself to various delicacies, presented by the game pictures of the slot. The rest will be impressively bright when the player gets acquainted with the possibilities of the free slot machine Sunset Delight: his multipliers, free-backs.


The manufacturer turned to a win-win story of a beautiful and informative weekend spent on the coast. This plot is perfectly combined with the concept of the game presented by the slot machine. Thunderkick in the free slot machine Sunset Delight created a romantic image of the resort coast in the pre-season. The back of the slot is a view of the sea surface, hidden in the pinkish-purple haze of the setting sun. 3D graphics made it possible to embody a voluminous and realistic picture of the embankment, where a carousel and tents of magicians and circus dancers are located. The glistening smooth surface of the sea acts soothingly and pacifying. Drums are decorated under the bar, on which continually there are new multi-colored portions of ice cream. Appetizing balls are the base signs of the slot. They remind of the true taste of life and those pleasant surprises, thanks to which it will be filled with childlike sincere joy. Animation techniques visualize changes on the playing field. The process is accompanied by a pleasant melody, reminiscent of the gramophone game.

The Sunset Delight gaming machine is a classic type of machine. It is equipped with 3 reels and 5 lines. The role of symbols is played by colorful ice cream balls, which, for 3 pieces, fall into three waffle horns. Winning is considered to be those combinations in which three identical elements participated in 5 active bands.

The effectiveness of the round is exerted by the influence of special symbols - wild and scatter.

A wild symbol (a ball with the letter W) creates independent prize combinations and participates in incomplete combinations, replacing the missing elements in them. A scatterer (scattered wafer) opens a round of free-spins if three such symbols occur simultaneously.


The Sunset Delight gaming machine does not have a chance game, but will offer a bonus Step / Spin option to the gambler, which is activated during the free spins tour. This function in each such round will increase by one unit the coefficient applied to the results of such spins. Since there can be 5 rotations, the maximum factor is also x5.

Sunset Delight is the embodiment of the game concept created by Thunderkick. It is characterized by entertainment, originality, style of design and a variety of bonus features. Despite the simplicity of the topic and its implementation, the manufacturer managed to surprise the user with the peculiar possibilities of additional symbols.

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