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Can you recall the first Tomb Raider 2 slot machine? Then we are happy to announce you that microgaming decided to extend the series. As a result – check out the Tomb Raider 2: Secret of the Sword!

The main theme is the same: Lara Croft, an eminent English adventurer, continues to discover ancient artifacts and mysterious historical places. Developers didn’t dare to change something in the design. Heroic and enigmatic music perfectly fit the color palette. But, of course, there are some modifications which make the slot machine even better than its first version. You doubt it? Okey, let’s find out more.

The slot has 5 reels and 30 pay lines. Symbols have been hardly changed, they are all related to the Lara Croft universe. There is a possibility to play with small stakes like 50p (it’s a minimum), but if you feel really lucky, you can try to bet significantly more – 150 coins, for instance, or the maximum. 

The main symbol of the slot you will be surely happy to notice on your reels is that of Lara Croft. It can be both the Jackpot symbol and the Wild one. In the case of appearing 5 of them, you will be awarded 7500 coins for each coin you have betted. Incredible winning!

Tomb Raider 2 bonus features

Of course, there are some bonus features able to increase your rewards or complete your winning combinations. First of all, it’s Free Spins feature. To activate it you have to gather 3 or more Amulet symbols. It will give you a certain quantity of free spins (it’s not easy to guess that the more Amulets you get, the more free spins are available). This feature also triggers the Rolling Reels, which, in its turn, offers a 5X multiplier – another good chance to boost your winnings!

But the slot has some disadvantages and we are obliged to mention them. For example, there are special Stop symbols which can be triggered randomly. They will completely halt all the other features activated before. So, if you were going to celebrate any bonus features triggered, you would be terribly upset after the appearing of the Stop symbols. But c’est la vie and you can’t change anything. 

So, let’s draw a line. Tomb Raider 2 is a good Slot Machine from Microgaming which gives real chances to win. Try out the demo version of the slot to find out more!

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